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The First Psychedelic-Assisted Training Exercise in Canada

Psychedelic Fitness

Some great additional reportage has arrived for our experts in mental health over in Canada as they are curious to know more about psychedelic-assisted therapy as well as how they can receive the necessary instructions into the ways in which the psychedelic medicines can be optimized as they become legitimately available across Canada.These medicines comes […]

What are Shrooms and how do they affect us?

What Are Shrooms

We buy shrooms online,buy shrooms Canada , purchase magic mushrooms from other sources ,do we really know what shrooms are ?  Shrooms are hallucinogenic medicament that can be bought legitimately and used for relaxation. They are made up of psilocybin, a psychoactive chemical compound found in some mushrooms. When taken in, they trigger visual and […]

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in Canada?

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In Canada

Psilocybin has shown quite promising results in clinical trials for the treatment of depression, addiction, death anxiety, and PTSD. In 2020, Canada became one of the few countries in the world that allows the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms by people with depression and other mental illnesses. Psilocybin is a psychoactive chemical in magic mushrooms, and […]

How Long Does a Trip from Magic Mushroom Tea Last?

How Long Does A Trip From Magic Mushroom Tea Last

Magic mushrooms, mushies, or basically shrooms are various hallucinogenic and psychedelic fungi that prompts life-altering, spiritual awakening, and ego-altering trips. This is owed to the psilocybin, it is the major psychedelic compound. Raw, dry, capsules, edibles, or as extracts ;are the kinds of ways we can intake shrooms .We can come across them in these […]

Microdosing vs Macrodosing

Microdosing Vs Macrodosing

Microdosing is the act of taking in little doses of psychedelics weekly, majorly for the healing effect and not hallucinogenic. Microdosing is a well-known way to achieving improved cognitive abilities, creativity, and the ability to socially interact. To avoid having a tolerance for psilocybin gotten from our shrooms when we buy shrooms Canada or get […]

Buy Magic Mushrooms Canada

Buy Magic Mushrooms Canada

FAST SHIPPING Let’s get your magic mushrooms straight to your doorstep! Relax and watch us do the work, faster, reliable and of course safely. Your mail-order magic mushroom is being discreetly & delivered with utmost control under the watch of our online dispensary. Our delivery is odor-free, with industry-leading processing times, guaranteed shipping, and quick […]

The Difference Between Psilocin and Psilocybin

Difference Between Shrooms

Maybe Less Than You Think Shrooms, psychedelic, psilocybin, and magic are all familiar terminologies used to describe the psychoactive properties of mushrooms which contains both psilocybin and psilocin. These two substances exhibit a natural occurrence, and they both have the same impact on the body and mind of a person. The major difference between them […]

Where do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Where Do Shrooms Grow

Over a hundred species of agrestal can be gotten all over the world. You are most likely to find magic mushrooms in regions where the experience a weather from temperate to tropical.Becoming acquainted with the kind of climate these mushroom could be found is needful for a successful hunt.It is amazing to know more about […]

How To Survive A Difficult Trip

Survive Bad Trip

Difficult experiences that occur during psychedelics can be made easy. Below are the guides that’ll walk you through, let’s get started! After we buy shrooms online, the thought of a bad trip sets in.This scares a lot of people from engaging in psychedelics. Although, some difficult times can’t always be avoided, however, they can be […]

Top 5 Ways To Ingest Magic Mushrooms

Top 5 Ways To Ingest Magic Mushrooms

When we talk about taking psilocybin containing mushrooms, the concern shown towards the dosage, as well as consumption process, can be considered to be the major intake process. Generally,we  believed that ingesting magic mushrooms could bring about a nauseating and horrible experience. However, by thinking rightly you can dissolve to and experience of enjoyment. If […]