Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Inuvik, NT

The second-largest and the most populous Northern Canada territory is the Northwest Territories. It offers some attractions like the human-sized fish and the ocean-sized lakes, perfect for your magic shrooms trips.

It has six (6) national parks: Aulavik National Park, Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve, Tuktut Nogait National Park, Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve, Nahanni National Park Reserve, and Wood Buffalo National Park. The beauty of nature is Instagrammable, making it the perfect place for your exciting magic mushroom journey.

Your next stop for your next Psychedelic mushrooms escapade should be Inuvik. It is a small town yet the second-largest community after Yellowknife. It is also called “Land of the Midnight Sun” because it is situated just two degrees above the Arctic Circle. In this community, you can gaze at the sun at midnight during summer while enjoying your magic mushrooms.

After fetching your psilocybin, you can have fun and enjoy many winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice road tours or try dog sledding. The place is also great for fishing and hunting. You can also visit their Arctic Market, which offers lots of products from local chefs, bakers, artisan, crafters, and local growers.

Textiles, carvings, jewellery, northern culture, and performing arts are exhibited, too. You can enjoy these activities through the 10-day event every summer of July as part of their celebration for the Great Northern Arts Festival.

Hay River

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Hay River, NT

The third-largest community in the Northwest Territories is the Hay River, also known as “the Hub of the North,” for it serves as the major centre for goods’ shipment. It offers beautiful nature and many outdoor activities, an excellent place for your magic mushroom journey.

At Hay River Territorial Park, campers prefer to stay here because of the easy access to the beach and walking trails while having their Psychedelic mushrooms. You can also see the very popular Alexandra Falls, a thunderous 32-metre waterfall, or play golf at the Hay River Golf Club.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Fort Smith, NT

In the South Slave Region of the Northwest Territories, a town named Fort Smith is located in a small town featuring many adventures. You can do several things in Fort Smith, for your next psilocybin trip would be fantastic.

Don’t forget to get your camera to capture all your experience in this stunning town in Canada. You can also try kayaking, canoeing, rafting, camping, biking, hiking, or watching the wildlife. You may want to also visit the world-class rapids between the Slave River and Canada’s largest national park after having your magic mushrooms.


Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Yellowknife, NT

Yellowknife is the only city in the Northwest Territories. It is also the capital and the largest community in the Northwest Territories. In 1991, diamonds were unearthed just north of the city. According to their local history, Yellowknife was founded in 1934 when gold was found in the area. Recently, transportation, communications, and tourism have also developed as major industries in Yellowknife.

Even though Yellowknife has a small-town vibe, it boasts its modern amenities perfect for your shrooms trips. One of the highly desirable places is Northern Lights, which features a scenic view. The best time to have a glimpse of the Northern Lights is between late-August and mid-April. It would be perfect while taking your magic shrooms.

You can also witness several events like an outdoor music festival featuring local, national, and international musicians, the Snowking Winter Festival and Folk on the Rocks, Frostbite 45 ski, and the Diavik 150 Canadian Championship Dog Derby. There is also public art and farmer’s market all over the city, and many trails and parks to visit.


Recap of Things to Do in Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories is the perfect place to take your Psychedelic mushrooms. It features various exciting activities that you could do. You can enjoy your next shrooms trip to Fort Smith, so don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all your experiences.

You can also try kayaking, canoeing, rafting, camping, or watching wildlife. You can also attend its town festivals, visit their museums, and stroll or hike in their beautiful trails. Northwest Territories is one of the best cities to buy mushrooms in Canada and the perfect place to make your magic mushrooms experience worth remembering.