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Top 5 Ways To Ingest Magic Mushrooms

Top 5 Ways To Ingest Magic Mushrooms

When we talk about taking psilocybin containing mushrooms, the concern shown towards the dosage, as well as consumption process, can be considered to be the major intake process. Generally,we  believed that ingesting magic mushrooms could bring about a nauseating and horrible experience. However, by thinking rightly you can dissolve to and experience of enjoyment. If […]

How to enjoy your shroom trip alone

How To Enjoy Shroom Trip Alone

The world slowly ceases to be social; many prefer to do things alone and solo. And that includes taking shrooms or psychedelics alone, in solo. At the same time, we are familiar with taking shrooms in a spiritual group or a community. Tripping on Psychedelics is a thing. But if you will buy shrooms online […]

Modern Therapy and Psychedelics – A study of Psilocybin and the Rise of Existential Medicine

Study Of Psilocybin Moden Therapy

Nearly 100 years ago, from research, they discovered the therapeutic compound in psychedelic fungi called psilocybin. This discovery changed many things and has led to certain mental breakthroughs. In recent times, it looks like there will be a resonance soon, though it will have to be done in a controlled way. Dr. Charles Grob is […]

A History Of Psilocybin And Magic Mushrooms

History Of Psilocybin Mushrooms

One may not know when human society came in contact with mushrooms, but one can date it back to approximately 6000 years ago. Northern Australia is the first place assumed to be where human society came in contact with mushrooms. The rock etched murals depict the iconography of mushrooms that archeologists and geologists found. While […]