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Seven things that you can do to enjoy your high in the comfort of your home

Can Do To Enjoy Your High

Thinking of lounging in and relaxing at home and maybe get high? There are so many things to do rather than just sit idle and stare into nothingness without anything to occupy your thoughts. All you want to do may just be to roll up a joint, you still need a plan regardless. The easiest […]

What Is Better For Medical Cannabis? Concentrates or Flower?

Concentrates Vs Flowers

What Is Better For Medical Cannabis? Concentrates or Flower? When you are looking to obtain cannabis, there are two major forms of it that you can find. They exist either as flowers or as concentrates. Either way, you have a thrilling therapeutic experience as well as a shot at healing from various kinds of ailments. […]

Cannabis and Mushrooms

Shrooms And Cannabis

Cannabis and shrooms are very much available now more than ever, especially after psychedelics have now become legalized in Canada. Users have recorded the experience of smoking or even eating shrooms with cannabis as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Similarities between shrooms and cannabis Cannabis and shrooms are natural plants, and they are relatively easy […]